Besson euphonium dating

One of Mead's significant accomplishments is his record as the first specialist euphonium teacher at the Royal Academy in London.

Mead is the senior baritone-euphonium teacher at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, England.

Willy Kurath Sr., a clarinetist and tubist who had earned the coveted Swiss National Brasswind Instrument Maker Certificate started a band instrument repair facility in 1950 and added the fields of brass instrument research, design, development and manufacture. Kurath had decided to devote his energies and considerable talents to the creation of the world's finest low brass instruments. valve stem that had broken and minor work to the valves.

Old world hand craftsmanship and precision Swiss technology are combined here to ensure the consistency and quality control in this specialized, limited production of every Willson instrument. Every step in the manufacturing process is personally supervised by Willy Kurath, Sr. - a euphoniumist, business man and also the proud holder of the National Brasswind Instrument Maker Certificate. The first pic above is prior to cleaning, the one below is as it is now. including a tuning slide, and in also going through different passages in the 1st. valves, will be directed through seperate longer loops of tubing (if the 1st.& 2nd.

More pics here List of my instrument collection as of November 2012 Besson, London & France; 4 valve Tenor Horn E flat 1925 s/p Enharmonic 3 valve Baritone, 1915 s/p Enharmonic 3 valve Euphonium, 1908 s/p Enharmonic 4 valve Euphonium, 1919 s/p Enharmonic 4 valve Euphonium, 1921 s/p Zephyr 5 valve Euphonium, 1905, brass, valves replated New Standard 4 valve compensating Euphonium, 1956 s/p Boosey & Co.

London; Solbron 3 valve Euphonium, circa 1911 brass Boosey & Hawkes, London; Imperial 4 valve compensating Euphonium, 1947 brass Imperial 4 valve compensating Euphonium, 1980 frosted s/p Conn, USA; 3 valve Euphonium (small, baritone), 1933, lacquer (originally s/p, donated by Doug Ruby from the USA) Courtois, France; 4 valve Euphonium, circa 1900, brass F. Olds (USA) 2 valve (rotary & piston) marching Baritone in G, 1970s nickel plated Ditto horn in E flat Hawkes & Son, London; Dictor semi-compensating 4 valve Euphonium, silver plate 5 valve Euphonium, circa 1888, s/p no number Emperor 4 valve E flat Cavalry Tuba, 1912, brass Highams, Manchester UK; 5 valve Euphonium, 1891, brass 5 valve Euphonium, 1902, Rex Model s/p 4 valve Contesting Euphonium, circa 1910 s/p Gisborne, Birmingham, UK; 4 valve non comp Euphonium s/p Martin; (USA) E flat Sousaphone, 1958, gold plate Salvation Army, London; Super Triumphonic 4v comp Euphonium, March 1965 s/p Bandmaster 4 valve Euphonium, May 1947 s/p Bandmaster 4 valve Euphonium, November 1932 frosted s/p Triumph 4 valve compact Euphonium, 1915 s/p Willson, Switzerland; 4 valve compensating Euphonium 2900, March 1992, s/p new leadpipe conversion 4 valve compensating Euphonium 2900, December 2004, lacquer Donor/repair/spares instruments; Besson Enharmonic 4v Euphonium, body & 2 valves only Ditto 1893 missing 3rd. slide Butler of Haymarket 4 valve Euphonium, circa 1900, s/p A 4 valve compensating Willson 2900 Euphonium, manufactured in December, 2004.

Since the data has been obtained from various sources, the amount of information on each instrument varies. [ Franz Streitwieser; Musica Kremsmünster 124 ] Natural trumpet Stamped with monogram FB / “ F.

In particular, the inscriptions are recorded to differing levels of detail by different cataloguers and as a result descriptions of the inscriptions are not entirely uniform. [ Wilhelm Bernoulli; Historisches Museum Basel 1980.2513. BESSON / LONDON ”; note that this natural trumpet, tightly wound, with open turns, is 31.5 inches long. Marriner, Keighley; Bradford Art Galleries and Museums 8692.1(KM) ] Slide trumpet in F etc; silver-plated Stamped on bell “28 MEDALS OF HONOUR” within banner / monogram FB / “ F. [ Private Collection, France ] The only surviving slide instrument stamped “28 MEDALS OF HONOUR” Slide trumpet in F etc; silver-plated, expansion spring model Stamped on bell “40 MEDALS OF HONOUR” within banner / monogram FR / “ F.

Besson (London) and Besson & Co as a service to scholars, and owners of London Besson instruments.

Nestled in a valley surrounded by the Alps in the village of Flums, Switzerland, just a couple of hours drive from Zurich, is the home of the family owned and operated Willson Band Instrument Company, builders and manufacturers of the world's finest low brass instruments.

Long recognized by professional musicians in North America, Europe, the Orient and Australia as THE euphonium maker, Willson has more recently put its expertise to work in creating a family of world class professional tubas in Eb, CC, F and BBb; a line of large and medium bore trombones; and a unique ensemble of French horns.

Comes in a variety of configurations, the most common in lacquer with standard water keys and a 3If you are looking for a used starter instrument or backup trumpet these are the best value for money at the moment, and I respectfully suggest that the Olds Ambassador should be passed over, and similar used Yamaha or Bach models also.

For the price of a department store trumpet you get a recent model This model is a real sleeper.